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Hi-Quality Group is proposing to build and operate a temporary facility within our existing Sunbury Eco-Hub that will treat and safely dispose of soil excavated by the tunnel boring machines on the West Gate Tunnel Project. We have submitted the required documents to the Minister for Planning and EPA Victoria as part of their review of our proposal.

We are an Australian-owned, family-run business with 55 years of experience in sustainably managing our quarrying, recycling and waste management facilities. We have been safely managing contaminated and non-contaminated waste in Sunbury since 2003.

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Latest news

Community feedback on the West Gate Tunnel proposal

9 August 2020

From March to May 2020, we conducted a formal engagement process asking the community for their feedback on the proposal and responding to questions. While we've been unable to engage in face-to-face conversations due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have sought to provide information and engage in conversations in a number of different ways.

We received contributions via an online survey, questions posted to this site and conversations via the project phone line and email. We also held detailed briefings and had ongoing conversations with community organisations, property developers and regulatory authorities to provide information, capture concerns and answer questions.

While the formal engagement process has ended, the Q&A section of this site and project phone line remain open. We encourage anyone with questions about the proposal to reach out at any time.

What we heard

A key issue that emerged was confusion between the Hi-Quality Sunbury Eco-Hub with Bulla Tip & Quarry. The confusion between the two sites, both being waste management facilities on Sunbury Road, is a major factor driving concern around the Hi-Quality proposal. We have sought to clarify any confusion between the two sites.

In relation to the proposal, a number of key themes emerged from stakeholder and community feedback:

  • Community impact: concerns around the impact of the proposal on people’s health and quality of life
  • Roads and transport: significant concerns that additional traffic will lead to more congestion and impact safety
  • Environmental impact: potential impacts on the natural environment, including nearby waterways, and how these will be mitigated
  • Handling of PFAS: how the spoil from the tunnel would be transported, treated, stored and disposed of, driven by reports in the media and social media
  • Future development: how the proposal considers the increasing development in the local area and potential impacts on property prices
  • Transparency and engagement: there was a strong desire by the community to be informed about the proposal, by all parties involved, and community concerns responded to.

Over the next few months, we’ll provide regular updates and make sure the local community is kept up to date on our plans.

A detailed report of community and stakeholder feedback was prepared and sent to the Minister for Planning for their reference as they review the proposal.

We have submitted the required documents to the West Gate Tunnel Project, the Minister for Planning, and EPA Victoria, meeting and exceeding industry standards set out in the latest Environment Management Protection Guidelines.

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About Hi-Quality Group

We are an Australian-owned, family-run business with 55 years of experience in sustainably managing our quarrying, recycling and waste management facilities.

We have been safely managing contaminated and non-contaminated waste in Sunbury since 2003. Based on our long-standing experience, our Sunbury site has been identified as a Hub of State Significance under the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan. This means we play a key role in the treatment and disposal of waste from state infrastructure projects.

We are proud of the longstanding relationships we have with the community and key groups within Sunbury and Bulla, in particular with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation Council Inc.

We are committed to upholding the highest environmental standards and work in close collaboration with the Wurundjeri people and Melbourne Water to understand, preserve and improve our surrounding land and waterways, including Emu Creek. We adhere to strict environmental protection procedures to ensure our land can be reused for development long into the future.

The map below shows where the Hi-Quality Eco-Hub is located in Sunbury. We are 30 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, about five kilometres from Sunbury town centre and more than two kilometres from the nearest residential community. We sometimes get confused with Bulla Tip and Quarry (not part of the Hi-Quality Group), which is also shown on the map.

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